Rose City School’s Gymnasium, circa 1950

Tap class in the Rose City School’s gymnasium, circa 1950. The notation on the back states, “Tap is a favorite with girls and boys enrolled in dancing classes sponsored by the public recreation department in Portland, Oregon. This big class was pictured in the gymnasium of one of the city’s schools where the park bureau in cooperation with the school programs recreational activities on part-time basis.”


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-045.479.


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8 thoughts on “Rose City School’s Gymnasium, circa 1950

  1. Weren’t the gym floors damaged by all those street shoes? We could never wear anything but tennis shoes on our school gym floor.

  2. The more things change, the more they are the same. Looks like some of the boys in the back row have no idea what is going on.

  3. That’s where I went to school in the 60’s. Back in the good ol’ days where you went to the same school from kindergarten through 8th grade. ❤️

  4. In the 60’s we took modern dance classes from Marjorie Church. My class was offered at Shattuck School. She had classes across the city and would have a year end program at Lincoln High School. Each group would wear the same outfit in different colors. Each costume carefully sewn by our mothers or our talented seamstress relative or family friend.

  5. I went to Rose City Park School, took tap dancing classes in this, the main gymnasium. I was also a member of Pack 273 of the Cub Scouts, just like the fellow in the foreground.
    We not only danced in our dress shoes on that floor, we also had taps installed on our shoes and danced on that floor. Today I don’t understand why they treated those floors like that.
    I started there is 1955 and graduated from there in 1963.
    What a wonderful school it was. The only downside was the entire playground was paved, which caused a lot of scraped elbows.

  6. According to my dad who started here in 1950, this is the North Gym of 2 gyms.

    In response to Linda, when my dad went here it was K-6, Gregory Heights was 7-8. Sounds like it was K-8 in the 60’s, then was K-6 again in the 80’s, likely became a K-5 for a while and is now a K-8 again. PPS is notorious for flip flopping between a K-8 model and an elementary/middle school model.

  7. I attended Rose City Park fifth, sixth and seventh grade (1957-60) and we ate lunch in this gym. I was Mike Lehto back then. After my family moved there was a food fight that started while the Coasters’ “Little Egypt” blared from a transistor radio. Ying Yang.

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