10 thoughts on “Fire Truck 1, circa 1910

  1. According to Wikipedia by 1910 the museum was at the corner of SW 5th and Taylor. I think that’s most likely the location of the photo. Street view is unremarkable since none of the structures remain. I see trolley tracks so this is probably looking south on 5th. I don’t think Taylor ever had tracks.

  2. Should add tags for SW 5th Ave and Taylor St. (this is the NE corner).
    This was the first building dedicated to the Portland Art Association, located directly across the street from the residence of one of its main benefactors, the Failing family. Prior to that the collection and classes of the art association were in various borrowed locations. This building, after the Portland Art Museum was opened in the early 1930s, was used by the Portland Chamber of Commerce, though much altered.

  3. That is an incredible image of a Firehorse team underway . Out of the twelve hooves in motion, only one is on the ground.

  4. Wow! I’ll bet manning that tiller was a heart racing thrill a second. That gentleman looks like he is hanging on for dear life while he tries to keep everything tracking, all the while the lads up front strike nonchalant poses. There must be a metaphor here for something.
    Amazing photo.

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