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  1. By the direction of the shadows we are east of Broadway. I’m guessing the southeast corner SW 5th and Madison standing next to City Hall. That corner had used car lots and gas stations. I think I’ve seen that driveway (at the right) near the corner coming out of City Hall in a prior vintageportland post but I can’t seem to find it.

  2. The hotel Congress was at 6th and Main. This street looks like 6th or Broadway, up near where the Oregonian building was located when it was constructed later. Does this help?Sent from XFINITY Connect App

  3. I think this is 5th and Salmon looking west. The Congress Hotel was on 6th ad Main and the fire escapes were on 6th… so that gives the orientation of the hotel.

  4. I am rethinking my own comment above and now believe I was wrong! There may have been fire escapes on several of the sides of the Congress Hotel. Looks more like Broadway looking north.

  5. Thats the Public Service Building right behind the banner. It’s at 920 SW 6th so the photo was taken from SW 5th.

  6. Given the orientation of the Congress Hotel and the Public Service Building I believe SW 5th and between Jefferson and Madison in front of City Hall looking north. If so, that could be the cornice or parapet if the Multnomah Coubty Court House on the right hand edge. I too miss tge Congress Hotel and hope the cupola at the corner if 6th and Main is not relocated or demolished. The clay terra cotta goats on the cupola are affectionately known as the Smith Brothers (of Smith and Watson Iron Works) who built the hotel.

  7. I would vote mid-block 5th between Jefferson and Madison. Congress Center is where the Congress Hotel used to be adjacent to the Public Service Building (now the Power and Light Building), and then I think the Meier and Frank building is the next one in the distance.

  8. Agree w/PMA. If you look at the 4 story parking garage for the Public Service Building, it’s still there, the three square windows face Salmon St, the next block up would be Main, and the intersection we can see is Madison. Behind the photographer would be Jefferson.

  9. Definitely the City Hall driveway on the right. This is the block that was taken out for Standard Insurance Plaza. Nice photo.

  10. By now I suspect zillions of folks have responded with more authoritative information, but I worked in the Public Service Building at 920 SW 6th for quite a number of years — It is the tallest building pictured, immediately behind that wonderful street light. The Congress Hotel was located in the 700 block of SW 6th. Judging from those two buildings location in this photo, I’d judge the camera to be pointing approximately NNE from the 900 or 1000 block of SW 4th. I note in passing that parking was easier then!

    Happy Holidays

    Fred Keast

  11. I believe the car in the bottom left corner of the picture is a Dodge. Look at what is reflected in the headlight……. City Hall is the Winner!

  12. Keen eye Monsterjoe.
    That headlight is nice and shiny providing a good reflection.

    Today the Portland Building sits in the block immediately north so that cornice is long gone. The Courthouse is another block north just out of view.

  13. I just saw this photo and then started reading all of your comments. I want to commend you all for being on top of things with great suggestions to resolve the question. Happy Holidays, everyone.

  14. Found an ad for Olsen-Francis Co. Lincoln, Zephyr, Mercury store located between 5th and 6th on Madison. Oregonian, Dec 2, 1941, pg. 15.

  15. Hotel Congress, demolished in 77, was at 6th and Main, in our tgen beautiful downtown. So, I will hazard a guess, and say the main is Broadway. Cross, dang if i know. I know north portland pretty well… other areas, uh…. 🤔😐 may your Christmas be happy and lovely, your New Year be fabulous.. have a drink for me!! 😍

  16. now a days its a soulless downtown modern cold Architecture that stuff back then was awesome with class !! merrychristmas and a happy 2019 !!

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