12 thoughts on “SE 162nd Avenue, circa 1964

  1. Always some what surprising to see photos this far out east of the city since in 1964 the city limits of Portland where not out this far.

  2. Bottom of picture (south of Powell Blvd) is old Meadowland Dairy with the house and barn. Barn burned about 7 years ago.

  3. Mike – I totally have an aerial shot from google earth, but can’t figure out how to paste in comment. URL is too long. This could be my new favorite thing if we can link pictures and google! How did you do your picture link?. It shows that the swath became 162nd. The road at the bottom is Powell. Picture is totally from Powell Butte Nature Park. Virtually stand on the Water Tower and cut down some trees!

  4. In the ’60’s they punched through 162nd from Division to Powell. Before that, you took 164th from Powell to get to Division. I moved to that area in ’59

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