SW Washington Street, 1952

Dumping snow at foot of SW Washington Street as part of the snow removal operations, 1952.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-007.580.


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9 thoughts on “SW Washington Street, 1952

  1. I remember trucks dumping snow in the stream that flowed through my town. Then, of course, we would get a hard freeze and they would have to blast the ice dams that formed. My dad was cop/street overseer—those were fun times for him.

  2. I see the wake of a boat that just passed down stream through the open turn span, and none of the present 24 hour traffic ~

  3. The City budget for maintenance equipment must have been really low, the truck in the background looks to be close to 20 years older than the time of the photo and the dump truck appears to be something used for landscaping rather than construction, very different from today and the way the city replaces their fleets every 2 years.

  4. I must agree with Craig the vehicles are much older than 1952, however the Journal building in the background dates 1948 and forward.

  5. Ahhh,
    Back when Portland had the Willamette open sewer system.
    Now days, that snow is considered contaminated waste. It gets piled up somewhere to melt away leaving its crud on the ground.

  6. Based on the size of the dump body the driver probably only had to dump 50-60,000 loads in one day to make a difference. The rest of the snow probably melted away in a day or 2.

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