11 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, 1952

  1. Hi! Nice shot! Did we get more Snow back in the 1950’s/60’s?
    It seems we did. My Dad used to Ski in the neighborhood when it Snowed!

  2. I did not move here until 1973. I came from Idaho. I remember the winter of 1968-69 as being particularly bad. And I remember reading reports of heavy snows everywhere in the Northwest. By the way, in my little town in the mountains in Northern Idaho, we had 167 inches of snow that winter and 90 of those inches fell in January. People say we knew how to deal with that in that area, but trust me, that is a LOT of snow no matter where it is!

  3. i assume the scaffolding behind them is for the construction of the building which now houses the chase bank on the ground floor. and when did they strip the pretty facade off the 1926 building across the street?

  4. wl, I’m pretty sure the scaffolding was for the construction of the M&F parking garage that stood where Pioneer Courthouse Square is today. The ornate building across the street is now the site of Chase Bank.

  5. In January 1950 it never got above freezing and there were 41 inches of snow. I remember that the concrete steps leading to our front door were a solid sheet of packed snow/ice and we had to use the basement door to go in and out.

  6. All hail the mighty Scoopmobile !
    Despite being a native Oregon product, Sadly has not attained cult hero status as Californias Native Zambini.

  7. I was born in February of that year at Wilcox Memorial Hospital. All the month previous my dad made practice runs in the car from their apartment on the east side through the snow. Luckily, I came at 5 in the morning so the traffic wasn’t a factor.

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