12 thoughts on “Interstate Bridge, 1924

  1. I was looking for a nice Street View image and I realized this shot is taken from the Vancouver end of the bridge. In fact all previous images on vintageportland are also from the same end, probably to feature the lift-span segment in the photo.

  2. I think it is interesting that the bridge was tolled in the beginning years of its use. In fact, I believe all Columbia crossings were tolled at one time. Actually, a few crossings are still tolled. New Interstate 5 crossing? Toll? We all, including tourists, would share the cost. Let’s see if I get any thumbs up.

  3. I was born in 1944 and I remember tolling on the Interstate Bridge. Maybe it was when they were building the second span?

  4. When did the middle section of the bridge get raised, to allow taller ships to pass underneath, without raising the lift-section?

  5. The Interstate Bridge had a toll starting in 1958. The money was used to pay for the new southbound span and repairs to the old span. Tolls ceased when the bridge work was paid.

    Unlike the current proposals, the toll money did not go to a rabid anti-car city to pay for alternative transportation at the expense of neighboring city residents.

  6. I remember in the 60’s when I was little and we used to travel to and from our grandparent’s house in Seattle. Mom was always digging through her purse trying to find change for the bridge!

  7. I have one of those toll tokens to this day… and because It’s not all about “me” I’d have no problems with a toll on the new one. Cities are more than just us angry white guys. They have to cater to everyone and I get that.

  8. Does anyone remember the beer sign at the Vancouver end? It used to be on that little building. A big aluminum frame-neon sign about 20 feet tall. Maybe it was for Olympia Beer. I recall a Carling’s Black Label sign too– “Hey, Mabel!”-.- but I think that was in the industrial area just south of Hawthorne Br on the west side. Unless that was for Blitz-Weinhard.

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