8 thoughts on “SW 1st Avenue, circa 1974

  1. New Portland architecture sucks. From the incongruent OHSU cluster overlooking the city to the new Yard building on East Burnside near the bridge, and everything in between. Constant removal of cool replaced with ugly American modernism.

  2. And those horrible square box look-alike apartments along the main eastside streets aren’t doing anything to improve the City.

  3. Long after the Architect has been paid, the city has collected their fees and the developer has moved on……these aritectural errors will remain. Pity.

  4. Portland is an architectural wasteland. I work on Interstate. Box, after box, after box of the UGLIEST apartment buildings similar to all the ‘canyons’ on the east side. Show anyone a photo of what Front Ave once looked like and they wouldn’t think it was Portland. And don’t even get me started about The Death Star at the end of the Burnside Bridge. Not cool. I’m ashamed!

  5. Well,I agree these new structures, most without parking are ugly. But, Portland City Commissioners have too much power, (it’s not a City Council, its a commission style government – only city in US that retains this style of government), There’s no checks and balances like a city council would have
    . Commissioners have legislative, judicial and administrative powers all wrapped into one. The media doesn’t even understand the difference; they refer to these people as councilmen all the time. No wonder attempts to change to a council type structure have been unsuccessful, people are confused; and the councilmen reap the benefits of this.

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