Central Precinct, 1945

“Can Day” in the lobby of Central Precinct, 1945. This image comes from a series of Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division images. The Sunshine Division has been accepting donations and distributing food and clothing to those in need for 94 years. Visit the Sunshine Division’s website to learn more about their work and their long history, click here.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2000-026.2.


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15 thoughts on “Central Precinct, 1945

  1. A very special and nice thing that they do! And who’s the guy stacking it all? Someone With just too much spare time me thinks!

  2. A facinating place. The phone box in the lobby was still equipped with one of the old style hand held ear pieces with a wall mounted phone. And as I recall the lobby smelled of cigars.

  3. I noticed the MY-TE-FINE notation in the lower left corner of the photo. That was, of course, the Fred Meyer line of canned food and other products for many years when I was growing up in Portland. Perhaps he was a major contributor to this food drive.

  4. I had a friend who worked in fruit processing plants in the Willamette Valley back in the day and he said the most spoiled, bruised and overripe fruit wound up going into the MyTeFine brand.

  5. I suspect that is Assist Chief of Police Leon Jenkins with can in hand. Chief Harry Niles stands over him. No clue the identity of the gent on the left.

  6. most of the lobby is intact, if one wanted to go see it – iirc stoll, reeves was upstairs (think that’s who we visited), and the lobby was open to the public, as were stairs and some hallways. might have changed since then! but i remember wandering around looking at things and nearly being late for an appointment, it was so lavish.

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