8 thoughts on “Union Avenue Viaduct, 1916

  1. If you focus in there appears to be a girl in a dress looking at the workers. It sort of looks like she has a hard hat on but that can’t be right.

  2. I can not imagine what sort of apparatus that appears to be, suspended between the first and second poles on the right. Under magnification it appears as though something may have been scribbled or drawn on the negative. What ever it is if it is indeed real it looks to be way to heavy to be hanging from the wires. A puzzle to me.
    Perhaps someone with better magnification will enlighten me.

  3. @rod — I’ll bet the thing you describe as an apparatus is just deteriorating paper — perhaps the Archivist who posted this could let us know?

  4. I wonder what the guy in the nice suit in the background is doing. He has a length of pipe or something at shoulder arms.

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  6. Guessing, but first thought is a device to string additional wires over a long span.
    The long coat is an overcoat, it looks damn cold there.
    Hey, if you think there is a weapon, could it be a chain gang!!!

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