19 thoughts on “Downtown, circa 1924

  1. This was before the last section of Meier & Frank was constructed. I believe Charles F Berg was in the 4 story building. It came down in the early 30s and Meier & Frank finished its full block building.

  2. I don’t see any automobiles in the photo, and there seems to be lots of people on the Pioneer Court House lawn. I wish I could read that rounded horizontal sign sticking out of the second story of the Charles F. Berg building, but even with magnification I can’t make out the letters.

  3. Bob, I think there are flags but just no wind. And there’s that one big flag hanging over the street. And the sun is shining – shadows on buildings. Clearly some event is going on.

  4. It looks to me like all the folks are headed toward 6th Ave, and it also seems like they’re leaving space in the middle of the street for something to drive through. And we also know that the old Portland Hotel was just to the left in the photo, so maybe a celeb of sorts was coming in from the train station and staying at the hotel? That’s the best I can do.

  5. Black clad hordes clogging the streets ? Obviously an early form of Antifa.
    I wonder what were protesting that day ? How much property damaged too ??

  6. rose parade would be the obvious answer, but i think this is not june; the shadows are verrrrrrrry long. sun angle is low. i am guessing a late fall or early winter parade. thanksgiving parade?

  7. wl — Thanks for the lead to the Oregonian article. I just looked again at the photo and think I see a number of children in the crowd, so your guess is a good one!

  8. If the photo date and the Oregonian article are both accurate, it doesn’t seem like it could be the Fairy Tale parade – according to the article, that began in 1929.

  9. i did notice that. weird dates like that are often a placeholder or guess, but assuming it isn’t, other likely candidiates are an american legion parade on the 31st, an unemployed veteran’s parade on the 9th, and a lipmann, wolfe employees jaunt on the 14th. the legion parade featured a beerwagon and a funeral procession for the burial of john barleycorn. the paper on the 31st stated the parade would begin at noon, and the shadows seem not too far from then, so it is a good candidate. no mention, route map or photos of the parade showed up in the paper next day.
    attendance does look a little skimpy, so perhaps this is it.

  10. Wintertime, everyone wearing long winter coats. Some street lights were on, and the shadows make it look like December or January.

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