10 thoughts on “Union Avenue Viaduct, 1916

  1. I’m thinking looking north from the south bank of Sullivan’s Gulch, & the Sears building would be in the distance (now METRO) (but not built til ’29)

  2. Isn’t this just another photo in a series of pictures from last 2 weeks of Union Ave tracks heading south from Columbia Blvd?

  3. I love the Rube Goldburg aspect of the wet concrete delivery system. The batch plant is located below at the left of the photo and the pour is across the structure. The wet concrete is mixed, dumped into the hopper, seen here in the raised position on the left tower, emptied into a pipe angled sufficiently to allow product gravity flow to the opposite tower and dropped into the funnel to arrive at the work site permitting a continuous pour. Beautiful. The hopper is raised and lowered by a steam donkey, out of frame here, but the cables point to it’s location. This work would be performed today by a concrete pump.
    I love it.

  4. Rod Taylor: TY for the comment, I always look forward to your insight when there’s a construction site or some type of machinery. I don’t know where you get all that knowledge, but it is appreciated!

  5. It’s interesting that a lot of technology has changed over the last 100 years, but with construction, we still see basic concrete, shovels and wheelbarrows…

  6. So this is one of 3 Union Avenue Viaducts. One would be south of SE Market Street, one would be over Sullivan’s gulch, and this appears to be the third one, north of Lombard.

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