12 thoughts on “SE Foster Road, circa 1930

  1. According to online sources, a small organic grocery store called “Bread and Roses Market” opened in the same building in 2017.

  2. There is a poster in the window for a dance being held at Blue Lake Park, on Saturday, May 2nd. So the photo is either 1931 or 1936.

  3. Competition was close, Skaggs had a store at 6304 in 1929 that became a Safeway by 1930. Safeway moved to 6406 by 1937, and built 7917 + 9038 by 1943, probably the first stores with refrigeration. Store moves were less a chore with produce located on the sidewalk.

  4. 1936. There was a fire there in 1932. Address at that time was the one in the picture. above the store were apartments. Fire was minor.

  5. I think 1936 is more likely. The poster says “Grand Opening” and advertises a dance. There had been a dance hall there since July 1925 (burned down in 1928 but was soon rebuilt); 1931 would not be a “grand opening.” By contrast, new owners took over the whole grounds in 1935, and by the summer of 1936 were advertising a regular Saturday night dance. This suggests the grand opening was of the new ownership’s renovated dance hall.

  6. Anyone have a photo of the wonderful Foster Rd restaurant of years ago that many remember fondly—Paulsen’s?? Great fried chicken and a fantastic chocolate torte.

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