20 thoughts on “Forestry Building, 1904

  1. This amazing image reminds me that I recall reading that a large log structure was erected to represent Oregon and its products for the 1915 Worlds Fair and Exposition in San Francisco. I believe it was called the Oregon Hall or Pavilion.

  2. I lived a block away at 29th and Upshur when the fire broke out. Looking at this photo it is no wonder that it was such an horrific blaze. Something I shall always remember. I grabbed my birds and ran up to the Thurman Street Bridge and watched it burn down.

  3. “Portland timber magnate Simon Benson — the fellow who installed the famous “Benson Bubbler” drinking fountains in downtown Portland — supplied most of the logs for the structure, and they were hand-picked old-growth monsters from Columbia County. There was a colonnade down the middle of the building, made of 52 unpeeled six-foot-thick tree trunks, hand-matched like a string of pearls. They’d had to be handled specially when they were cut and hauled, to preserve the bark.”

    (from offbeatOregon.com)

  4. The roof pitch has what appears to be hatch covers. I note the interior postcard photo shows openings, so the covers must have come off during the summer good weather – and breath. I am imagining a strong scent of old growth western red cedar.

  5. Had they just scraped off the bark (and the place hot caught fire) might be standing today…
    Btw, They had cranes those days.
    Thats what those 2 skinny poles standing consist of.

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