10 thoughts on “Union Avenue Viaduct, 1916

  1. Must have been a big flood that year because usually the slough at that point isn’t anywhere near that wide. You can see a washed out part of the abutment that they built there in the slough

  2. First, is that a picture of the Number Man in his youth? Second, what is the photographer standing on to get this shot?

  3. I see two men — one nattily dressed in a wide-brimmed hat and suspenders (light-colored shirt) and one all in a dark color, holding some sort of tool?

  4. In those days Union ended at Bryant. The contractors had to build a wooden viaduct the entire length of this project for the tracks of the PRL& P co. Those tracks are the ones you see on the left of the unfinished viaduct/road in the above photo. The contractor lost money on this work.

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