NE Columbia Boulevard, 1916

Looking south from Station “C” with a view of the old Portland Railway, Light & Power Company’s railway trestle. At the intersection of NE Columbia Boulevard and NE Union Avenue (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard), 1916.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-008.110.


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10 thoughts on “NE Columbia Boulevard, 1916

  1. Those tracks headed north to Faloma and across the Columbia Slough via the wooden trestle to Hayden Island. From there, a ferry would cross the Columbia to Vancouver. The new Interstate bridge would open a year later in 1917 with PRL&P tracks on it.

  2. The view of the north end of a southbound brace of mules is a useful reminder of how far we’ve “progressed” in the last one hundred years.

  3. Igor, I’m thinking this may be looking north, since Gustins was on the SE corner
    while running the Shell Station.

  4. If you look at the mans shadow and take into account that it is winter, the sun should be in the southern sky. Therefore this view should be looking south.

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