12 thoughts on “Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, 1905

  1. The 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition and Oriental Fair helped put Portland on the map and triggered an unprecedented economic boom for more than a decade afterward, especially following the 1996 San Francisco earthquake and fire. I find interesting that the dominant architectural style was Spanish Revival, likely influenced by design trends in California.

    The site for the fair was expected to be in City Park (Washington Park), but some last minute behind the scenes influence by a major land owner around Guilds Lake convinced the oversight committee to use the Guilds Lake site, expecting it could later be drained, filled, and prepared for industrial development. $$$$

  2. ha – glad to see i’m not the only one who takes photos crooked!
    i know thousands of jobs were created after all this was filled in, but imagine if we had that as a park now…

  3. It’s interesting that this was all done to attract people to Portland and then it all disappeared with hardly a trace just after. Even the lake. It’s like the ultimate bait and switch.

  4. Here’s a map.

    The photo looks like it was taken on Lakeview Terrace, on the hill overlooking Gray Blvd (St Helen’s Rd). Behind the photographer was Columbia Court, with the Agricultural/Horticultual and Foreign Palace buildings. Today, it would be overlooking 28th & Nicolai, on the north edge of Montgomery Park.

  5. A lot of Portland and surrounding areas are built on fill which were originally wetlands, lakes, marshes and swamps. A lot of Beaverton area was wetlands also which it got it’s name because of the beavers in the wetland areas.

  6. BTW, Beaverton still has beavers! We saw one (definitely a beaver, not a nutria) swimming up Fanno Creek near 217 & Denney this summer.

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