10 thoughts on “Ross Island Bridge, 1926

  1. Nice pic. I believe the building beyond the bridge approach is the old Porter St Shops of the Oregon Electric Rwy. I’m always on the lookout for more pics of this and also the triangular-shaped Jefferson St Station (both of which have been hard to find). VP has posted some some good distant shots of this area in the past that included the building but I always wondered if there were some bridge construction photos that might happen to include a closer look. Hopefully there are more like this. Thanks for posting this one!

  2. @Mike. That is a cement mixer. Those wheel barrows lined up in front of it are loaded with alternately sand and aggregate and the tarp is shielding bags of cement. There is a water hose present. The scoop will raise and dump the sand and gravel into the motorized drum. Cement mixer puttee puttee.

  3. Somewhee nea 1955 one of the oiginal sidewalks was emoved, and moe ecently the lette between q and s quit on this keyboad ~

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