6 thoughts on “Burnside Bridge, 1926

  1. Currently a parcel of land located immediately north of the NE 21st Ave/Banfield (I-84 East) overpass is being developed. It made me recall that I have passed this location for at least 25 years, and it seems to me that perhaps 20 years ago, or more, there was a strip of old abandoned wooden storefronts, one of which may have been a candy store, fronting on NE 21st, on the west side of NE 21st. At that time they were nearly devoid of paint, except for some faded signage.

    If I recall, the storefronts all burned one evening and nothing remained of them after demolition.

    Can anyone help refresh my failing memory?

  2. It doesn’t really show much, but what the heck: here’s the similar, contemporary perspective:

    Maybe the reason for the machine in today’s photo is the same as the reason for the ladder on the riprap next to the bridge on the Eastbank Esplanade at about that same location: the end of Ankeny.

  3. I see few pictures of the original Burnside bridge, except for the remaining pieces at Dodge Park and Bull Run, any clue where I can find them?

  4. Hi Mike N.,
    I remember those storefronts you’re talking about! I think they came down in early 90s. The whole thing was abandoned & I remember the lintels lining the top of the building.
    I really enjoy this blog!
    Sincerely Billy

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