12 thoughts on “Lambert Gardens, circa 1937

  1. My mother took us kids to Lambert Gardens in the 1950s. They were beautiful. That experience led me in later years to visit the Butchart Gardens near Victoria BC, Sissinghurst in England, and other gardens in Europe.

  2. What a great loss. It’s a shame the City of Portland turned down the offer to buy it and turn it into a public park. Now ugly apartment site on the site.

  3. People liked to go there to see the flamingos. Once in awhile the large birds would fly the “coop” and they would find them on neighboring golf courses etc.

  4. Such a shame it was lost. It had road signs directing traffic to it, something very few other private properties had. But it was the way Portland has always been, everything on the west side is celebrated, where the east side is left to pick up the crumbs.

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