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  1. Obviously the Columbia River slough as you can see the Interstate Bridge in the distance and the bridge that went to Tomahawk Island in the distance. Railroad bridge over the slough in the foreground.

  2. To hone in a little more. The intersection of railroad tracks is known as Peninsula Junction. The road passing through it is Columbia Blvd. Just out of frame, to the right, is the North Portland railroad tunnel that the Union Pacific passes through. Photograph looks east.

  3. The photo looks east across the area that later became Vanport during WWII. Interstate Ave. heading north towards Jantzen Beach, the Columbia River, and the Interstate Bridge is in the top part of the aerial photo. The P.I.grounds (now Portland Expo Center) are faintly seen just west of where Interstate Ave. crosses the bridge onto Hayden Island (far left of photo), and the railroad tracks heading north (separating what later became Vanport from Smith Lake) and paralleling N. Portland Ave are seen crossing the Columbia Slough in the foreground of the photo. Photo must be pre-WWII.

  4. Location: Kenton to the right in the foreground, divided from several complete iterations of change by the Columbia Slough, or “Portland Channel” in the 1919 map. The key geographical feature is that bay to the west of the Interstate/Denver bridge still has the same bay.

    Date: the era of aerial photography, early 1940s at the latest, since there’s no Vanport.

  5. > In the foreground is the Columbia Slough waterway (main stem) and the Wapato wetlands (southern channel) in North Portland which begins just east of the entrance to the St Johns Landfill- the railroad bridge and embankment along Portland Road/eventual Vanport site is in the distance. I suspect the photo was taken from the air > > Begin forwarded message: > >> From: Vintage Portland >> Subject: [New post] Help Us Out! >> Date: September 29, 2017 6:01:32 AM PDT >> To: dbrookportland@gmail.com >> Reply-To: Vintage Portland >> >>

  6. Great pic! Also interesting (to me at least) is what appears to be a very faint streetcar trestle that spans almost the entire picture about 2/3rds up going from jantzen beach across tomahawk island and all the way through to right side of the image. I wonder if this the same trestle whose ruins still exist near lotus isle park? My grandpa used to tell me stories of what it was like to ride the streetcar over those rotting trestles from vancouver to portland in the 40’s. Apparently quite a scary ride.

  7. The lower left corner is where the sewage treatment plant is today. There is no expo center building so photo was taken before that. . My family used to farm some of that land.

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