10 thoughts on “SW 5th Avenue, 1955

  1. I know that Kress was at intersection of 5th and Morrison and that Newberry’s was at 5th/4th and Alder. I see in this picture that Woolworth’s was at 5th and Alder. Where was W. T. Grant? Were these four dime stores all in a row?

  2. This is in the Yeon Building. All the buildings in that block are still there. They call that intersection the “terra cotta corner” because of the white terra cotta on all four corners.

  3. I have no memory of W.T Grant. My sister would take me out for 9 cent hot dogs on Friday (1960’s). Was it Woolworth’s or Kress?

  4. I don’t remember WT Grant either. But we went to the other three all the time in the mid-late fifties. Took the bus downtown by ourselves. Lots of freedom.

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