Kenton, 1947

Aerial of the Kenton neighborhood, near N Denver Avenue and N Interstate Avenue, 1947. Vanport (left) and the remnants of East Vanport (right) can be seen in the In the upper left portion of the image.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2005-005.960.11.


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17 thoughts on “Kenton, 1947

  1. I believe the track at that time was an auto race track, is this the same as the present horse race track and grandstand?

  2. Notice the abandoned streetcar trestle coursing diagonally across the Columbia Slough and the bridge to Tomahawk Island. This bridge would collapse in early 50’s and be removed.

  3. @Jeff. Some of the supports for that streetcar trestle are still there. I had my boat moored there and one of the older guys told me about riding that streetcar.

  4. re: 1947, and “the remnants of East Vanport”

    Never heard of East Vanport. Was it abandoned/demolished before the 1948 flood?

  5. “I believe the track at that time was an auto race track”
    Kenn, The larger track, Portland Meadows, was always a horse racing track. The auto race track is the smaller paved track right next to it to the northeast (the one that also apparently had a drive-in).

  6. Portland Speedway and Drive In is the smaller oval. Demolished I think about 2000 to become eventually a trucking company yard.
    Paul Bunyan was not constructed until several years later.

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