Paul Bunyan, 1975

Paul Bunyan just got a face lift! The Kenton statue’s new look was revealed this past weekend at Tall Paul Fest. Head down to the corner of N Denver Avenue and N Interstate Avenue to check out Paul’s new paint job and compare the differences with this version of the statue from 1975.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, Paul Bunyan statue, A2011-028, 1975.


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7 thoughts on “Paul Bunyan, 1975

  1. I remember my Dad driving we 3 kids in the ’51 Pontiac Chieftan out Interstate to see Paul and then onto the Centennial Expo. The two trains that were used on the fairgrounds I do believe are still in use at the Oregon Zoo. Amazing!

  2. @AOK, according to Wikipedia, “in 1972, the AASHTO gave permission to the Oregon State Highway Commission to retire US 99W, US 99E and US 99 from the national system.” So perhaps they were still in the process of implementing the changeover, or simply hadn’t re-signed everything by this time? (Or perhaps the photo date is wrong – wouldn’t be the first time!)

  3. RE Michael Miller: I kind of wondered about the date too as the newest car seems to be a 1968 Toyota Corona. Everything else is mid-60’s – often something shows up new in these photos.

    Regarding the 99W sign, it sure is nice when they still designate those routes as an alternate to the I-5 parking lot occurrences. They can assure some alternate through town.

  4. I’m pretty sure this picture has to be pre-1972. As stated earlier, US 99W didn’t exist past 1972, and the state pretty quickly replaced the signs that year to ORE-99W. It was rare to find any US route marker after that, but there were exceptions.

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