5 thoughts on “Burnside Bridge, circa 1926

  1. Is this view to the east or west? It would be very interesting to know how this project was sequenced. The far view seems to show the deck construction originating on the far shore as the lift span decks are complete down to the trolley tracks and railing including the overhead supports. Beautiful detail here.

  2. The bridge that corruption built. There was a such big uproar about the kickbacks and bribes that when they built the Sellwood Bridge they went as cheap as possible and used used materials and questionable engineering. And we all know how that ended up. In a way the Metro area is still paying for the shenanigans of the Burnside Bridge.

  3. wl, no I think the view is looking east. Look at the flow diverters around the piers; those point upstream. Also, see this earlier VP post which you can just see the docks to the north on the east side of the bridge which are visible under the bridge in the photo today. The seawall hadn’t been built yet, so the west bank would have looked very different.

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