9 thoughts on “NW Front Avenue, circa 1938

  1. I see a Shaver tugboat in the picture. They’re still active as Shaver Transportation. I remember Leonard Shaver Jr., who in his spare time was an actor at the Portland Civic Theatre. He took the role of Seabee Luther Billis in “South Pacific” in 1956.

  2. @Tom K. Seems about right. I looked for some time this morning to find an identifiable structure still present today. The closest I could get is the large loop of track around the railroad turntable.

  3. Turntable and roundhouse belong Spokane Portland & Seattle Railway. Never went to Seattle, a ruse to fool the competition.

  4. Hello Vintage Portland,

    We enjoy the photos of old Portland, and are searching for pictures of a place called Michael’s Store that was located on SW Corbett about 2-3 blocks south of Hamilton. FYI Our great-grandparents, Michael & Esther Finn, immigrated from Maryboro, County Queen, Ireland in the late 19th Century. With the help of their 10 children, they built two houses side by side, at 24 & 32 SW Hamilton St., on the Interurban trolley line from town to Oaks Park & Oregon City. (Now, Barber Blvd). Our mother was born at 32 SW Hamilton, and later, during WWII, she, dad, my sisters Mikey & Lisa (actually born in 1948) & I lived at 24 SW Hamilton St, from early 1942 to late 1948. Mikey, & I are writing a digest called Hamilton Street, growing up during WWII, a gathering of vintage photos and remembrances of WWII living, to share with our family and friends.

    As a girl, mom walked to & from Michael’s Store on Corbett, and during that 1942-’48 period, Mikey & I retraced her steps. We’ve tried to find photos of that wonderful place: dark wooden floors, large barrels of food & other items, shelves on all the walls and numerous items hanging from the ceiling. Having visited Ireland, Michael’s was of the auld sod.

    Hope you can help us locate a shot or two of Michal’s.

    The Finns and others on the front porch of 24 SW Hamilton,

    We remember the endless military convoys passing by during the War, on what was by then Barber Blvd. Singers Service Station was kitty corner, becoming a small “supermarket” just after the War.


    Phil Broms – 808-397-6279

  5. Great ‘pic. !
    Sternwheeler lografts and dredge, That ship appears to be ub=nder some kind of refit of its main stack…

  6. That inlet in the NW industrial area would be where Balch Creek flows into the river from the storm drains. Also interesting to see Guild’s lake area filled in and mostly empty.

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