Guilds Lake Junior Fire Squad, 1944

Boys from the Guilds Lake Junior Fire Squad demonstrating the use of pump cans, 1944. Merritt Westbrook is holding the hose and Lowell Hagen is at the pump.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-025.244.


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8 thoughts on “Guilds Lake Junior Fire Squad, 1944

  1. Whenever we see posts of pictures like this, I wonder if anyone looks at them and says, “Hey, didn’t we used to know a guy named________?” Or, even better, I hope someone sees a picture and says, “Hey, that’s my grandpa!”

  2. I came across a circa 1903 photograph in a local antique store that had names on the back. Through, I was able to locate the 60-year old grandson of the little boy in the 1903 photo. He had never seen the photo and was thrilled to see his grandpa as a baby and also his great great grandpa who had emigrated from Scotland to Ontario then Saskatchewan and finally Oregon.

    I did a quick search for Merritt Westbrook and couldn’t find him on or or Lowell Hagen appears to be at Riverview Abbey Mausoleum.

    Fun through the internet.

  3. I found a Merritt Westbrook (b. 1933) originally from Long Island, NY whose father was a building contractor; likely reason why the family was in Portland during WWII days. He moved away after the war and may now live in TX or FL and also is a retired industrial contractor. Lowell A. Hagen (1930-2001) came here from Minnesota and spent his life living and working in this area. Sources: Ancestry,, Google, etc.

  4. Great picture !
    I have one of those sprayers, inherited with my garage. Along with an Aladdins Cave of WW2 & newer aircraft parts. Prior owner was an A&P of 45 years. He had it rigged up as a partswasher.

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