7 thoughts on “Front Avenue Intercepting Sewer, circa 1928

  1. I don’t know if they meet the true definition, but those are awesome gargoyles on that building.

  2. The gargoyle building seems to have bars on the windows. One wonders if they were trying to keep bad guys inside or outside?

    Must be at least 7 jackhammer chisels in the depression at the bottom of the photo. Also an old school trash pump in the background, partially obscured by the stack of lumber. “Muck boots” on the guys using jackhammers. Lots of shoring, long before OSHA was around to mandate it. They were dealing with sand and water infiltration. Very hard work, and those guys were probably worn out by age 40 and had grim work prospects and no social security. I am thankful that things have changed.

  3. If you visit the Architectural Heritage Center there’s a cast-iron griffin (gargoyle) on display in their lobby that is identical to those on the left in this photo. It’s from the Kamm Block. On the left in this image is the Dodd Block looking west toward the (soon to be demolished) Bank of British Columbia at Front and Vine/Ankeny.

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