13 thoughts on “SW Stark Street, circa 1939

  1. This may be at Rose Festival time. I see at least three gentlemen in white suits and straw hats that might be Royal Rosarians.

  2. Seeing the glass block inlay on the sidewalk takes me back. The basement of many downtown buildings extended under their frontage sidewalks and the glass block inlays were a way to naturally light those spaces. Too fun.

  3. You have to wonder if something might have happened between the police car and the car in front of it. Many people are staring in that direction.

  4. This is an interesting image for trolley/trolley bus fans. There’s a really sharp shadow on the street of the overhead wire installation for the trackless trolley wires curving up the Stark St. route here.

  5. Tim:
    1.Open Google Maps.
    2.Make sure the map, Street View image, or directions you’d like to embed shows up on the map.
    3.In the top left corner, click the Menu .
    4.Click Share or Embed map.
    5.At the top of the box that appears, choose Embed map.
    6. Paste into comment box.
    7. Voila!

  6. Oops… Google changed that process, I think.

    I think step 3 is gone, you don’t have to click Menu.. the “Share” link is on the page itself.

  7. For a few different reasons, I’m spending a lot of my time looking at the intersection of SW 4th & Stark. The shot is so flat that I needed the northern buildings (US National Bank and “Three Kings”) to confirm that there wasn’t an alley between 4th & 5th, and the curvy building on the SW corner is ahead of its time.

    Most interesting of all, though, is that the bank building on the left used to be a block long—it’s been cut in half!

  8. The closest car heading this way is a 1937 Buick followed by a 1937 Nash Lafayette Portland Police cruiser.

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