11 thoughts on “Parking Meter Shop, circa 1939

  1. Interesting how work clothes have changed. Here, we have a fellow working with a parts washer tank while wearing a white shirt, vest and a tie. Not even an apron. Posed photo?

    One day last year I happened onto his replacement while walking downtown. His tools were a static electricity dissipative box of replacement circuit boards and a laptop. He was running diagnostic programs on the parking meter and took time to talk while they were running. Tech marches on.

  2. @ Ron Kinder. I think some people just instinctively work clean. I notice that he rolled his sleeves up. Remember when the typewriter repairmen dressed for the office, and this fellow was from that same culture. Today’s more casual dress may be reflecting different times. And also the workplace insurance carriers and OSHA are requiring a lot of working environmental changes. i.e Hazmat suit, respirator, face shield, safety glasses and hard hat to do what he is doing,
    @wl Just a guess but I think maybe copper alloy stainless from the shine. Nickel stainless and monel (nickel alloy) does not seem to polish up that well and may be beyond the city budget. I agree that is a nice work surface for sure.

  3. water meter shop was a little less tidy:

    meter portion starts at 16:20 or so.

    anyone have footage of the electric meter guys? 🙂

  4. hmmmm – bizarre. the link i copied was for the 1959 ‘bull run story:’ not sure why this later film pops up?

  5. never mind – yootoobe just put the latest film first for some reason; you have to pull down the playlist from upper left. all three are worth a watch, but the 1974 one is a little painful to watch. didn’t date well….

  6. as are nalley’s – by same company. we opened a jar once and wondered holy cow, why does my burger taste like an indian restaurant? then saw the country of origin. apparently they outsourced production, but not the recipe. locals must have thought ‘we’ll use our spices; a pickle is a pickle!’ some have reverted back to ‘normal’ taste, but many made in india pickled products have a distinct tang not there before.

    back to subject – i wonder if spilled pickle juice would tarnish, or clean, his work counter?

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