9 thoughts on “NE Sandy Boulevard, 1934

  1. There appears to be one of Consolidated Freightways original Fageol truck and trailers in bound from the east at the light. Sandy Blvd was US 30 and the route to and from the Gorge and points east. These models were 3 axle straight trucks pulling 3 axle trailers well suited to negotiating the crooked old Columbia River Highway.

  2. Oh, for the days when a merchant could put goods outside his shop unwatched and be pretty certain that they wouldn’t be stolen.

  3. Most of this block of Sandy Blvd has changed but the First National Bank Building on the right-hand side is still on the corner of NE Sandy & 42nd looking east.

  4. And another perspective from half a block further west:

    The comments in that photo mention that the striped awning in today’s image belong to a Fred Meyer Store.

  5. I’m intrigued to see the sidewalk elevator. I would have assumed these were only used in dense, city core areas with multistory structures – i.e. where real estate was particularly valuable. Although the value is obvious for a business with significant volume of deliveries and no back or side access.

    I wonder how many basements extend out beneath the sidewalks in a neighborhood commercial center like Hollywood?

  6. That looks a little small to be a freight elevator. More likely a freight slide. You would put boxes on the steel slide and the would go into the basement. Used one at Hollywood Fred Meyer myself.

  7. elevator or slide, the 2007 google street view shows it has been removed, and replaced by a place to plant a tree.

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