12 thoughts on “Union Station, 1894

  1. Given the conical silhouette shape and approximate location, that does look like the Kamm Block Tower. Keen eye.

  2. For a split second I was very confused. 🙂 I hadn’t read the full description and couldn’t figure out how Union Station had ever been along the waterfront.

  3. …just a matter of the waterfront being along Union Station, and all the way up to SW 4th Ave.

    Wasn’t 1894 was the last high flood in downtown? I know the Vanport flood came up to the seawall and into NW industrial areas.

    I think the river levels are better controlled today, but they still sandbagged the seawall in ‘our’ ’90’s.

  4. Portland Union Station did not open until 1896 so it was still under construction as we see here at the time of this flood. The picture quality does not make it possible for me to ascertain whether that pile driver is on a barge or what. Anybody with a better resolution want to make a guess.

  5. Actually, the Willamette didn’t quite flood downtown in 1996, though not for trying. It literally came about 2 inches from overflowing the harbor wall between the Hawthorne and Steel bridges. It did, however, flood downtown Oregon City. Here’s a 20th anniversary story from The Oregonian about that flood: https://tinyurl.com/ze7nr2q

  6. President Clinton came to visit in 1996 and praised us for our community spirit in preparing all those sandbags.

  7. Hard to what that is. Unless a piledriver happen to break its mooring & end up there. I might think its a crane or derrick of some kind for the construction.
    None the less, Great picture.!
    As of about 20 years past when I worked in the building there was so much dis used technology of the day. Evidence of the buildings history throughout. i hope its still there.

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