10 thoughts on “SE Stark Street, 1939

  1. According to Portland Maps the building was built in 1910. The exterior remodel didn’t do it any favors.

  2. Been posted before. This is on my website. After taking the current pic, I looked behind me to see a patrol car sitting there. I was in the left lane, they saw what I was doing and parked there to protect me from traffic. Nice guys.

  3. Classic Americana–vintage vehicles, shoe repair shop, drug store, meat market and hardware store–offering ice (refrigeration) and coal (how could they!).

  4. For the almost 30 years up until I moved a year and 1\2 ago living in Rose City neighborhood, every winter I would smell coal smoke. It has a very distinctive smell once you have smelled it you never forget it. Never did figure out where it came from.

  5. Greg
    I like to use my forge to do blacksmithing, it is a great hobby.
    I also like to produce my own acetylene gas.

  6. In the early 1990s, there was an herbalist shop in this block; (I think it was in the space where the meat market is in this photo) the floor of the herbalist space was dirt with paving stones or gravel on top of it as late as 1994.
    Also, the sign selling ice and coal is not hardware store signage; it points to Montavilla Ice & Coal (tel. TAbor-3754) just around the corner at 408 SE 79th Ave.

  7. Rode the Montavilla 80th streetcar to this corner, the end of track is just off to the right of this picture ~

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