12 thoughts on “SE 92nd Avenue, 1958

  1. Interesting companion piece to the July 3rd post, Good look at Mt Scott Golf course and Dwyer Lumber’s cold deck.

  2. Lauré, the drive-in is in the upper-right corner. You can see the movie screen right next to 82nd, facing the camera.

  3. I’m looking for an aerial of a few blocks (at least) surrounding what used to be 306 S.E. 92nd — Is that a part of this photo, you think? I’m very new to this sort of searching so I appreciate the assistance.

  4. Hi everyone if you will notice that the main street in the photo is running a straight East/West line that is Woodstock Blvd. In the lower left of the picture is a short portion of Foster Road. So the Caption should read “92nd and Woodstock Blvd.”

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