7 thoughts on “SE Pine Street, circa 1932

  1. This is actually Pine St immediately east of 22nd Avenue. 3 of the 4 houses are still there. The one in the foreground was replaced by a large apartment house. The house in the background is still there but is blocked by another large apartment complex.

  2. @Colin, Pro tip. In Street View click on the 3 vertical dots and click Share and Embed. In the resulting window choose Embed and copy and paste that link into your Post Comment window. You may have to refresh the vintageportland page to be able to see the results.

  3. Love those tool wagons. It might be fun to recreate one for towing behind my Packard truck. (lets get the Packard in running order first..)

  4. imagine telling those guys that in less than a hundred years those houses would be selling for nearly a million dollars.

  5. I lived in that neighborhood in the 60’s & 70’s….a lot of the houses that are going crazy money now were so run down and some even condemned. We lived in a 2 bedroom 1 bath home that I zillowed and is now worth over $600k…that is crazy!

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