9 thoughts on “Camp Fire Girls, 1962

  1. The Efile container says the record date of this pic was Dec. 31, 1962. Wild guess this is not date photo was taken.

  2. The event is an urban renewal tree planting. The date is first week in November 1962. The area is Albina. The tree is a flowering Cherry. Any questions? LOL.

  3. the one visible address seems to be X24… perhaps 924. if so, house is on west side of street, which i’m guessing is on a park; the houses seem pretty close to the street, but this lot could have a bigger front yard than opposing houses. being on a park would make it easier to find!

  4. Looks like a 1948 Jeep Wagon on the left and and 1954 plymouth on the right so it would have had to be taken after 1954 .

  5. This takes me back to my Camp Fire days! I started CFG in 1965 as a Bluebird, which was the contemporary to the Girl Scouts Brownie. I loved my vest and worked hard to earn the beads so I could create my own design and wear it with pride. Wo-He-Lo was our chant, it stood for Work, Health and Love. A great organization that gave me skills for life!

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