13 thoughts on “SW Broadway, 1943

  1. Since the Orpheum Theater was between SW Yamhill and SW Morrison, where Nordstrom is now, isn’t this a bit south of SW Yamhill?

  2. This picture was taken from south of SW Taylor. The building on the left with garage on it is now the Columbia Sportsware store.

  3. Somebody put faces in the snow on the blade of the bulldozer……kinda like Sgt Peppers album cover.

  4. The trolleys in the lineup look to be many of the Brill Master Units (nicknamed “Broadway cars”) that Portland Traction Co bought in 1932. These were the last new cars to be purchased brand new for Portland. One of these, #813, still survives. In service on the city lines it was 3’6 gauge. Once the city service ended in 1950, it was saved from the scrapper by being given standard gauge trucks and put on the interurban lines to Boring and Oregon City. After that, she ultimately ended up at the Oregon Electric Railway Museum. They restored her and used her on the Willamette Shore Trolley for many years. She is now down at their main museum at Brooks. Once some motor repairs are made she will be back in service once again.

  5. Cars are lined up because they cannot get to the crossover at the end of the line, it put them onto the return NB tracks ~

  6. Good information, John, these were top of the line cars and rode like a dream compared to other PTC cars, especially on the interurban ~

  7. These were the first Portland cars where the motorman could sit rather than stand, the earlier cars had only a fold down stool. We called these the Broadway cars because in the fifties they were only on the Broadway line, probably because one end of the line was on the towns main street and the other end in the affluent NE Alameda area ~

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