6 thoughts on “Bull Run Dam 1 Workers’ Camp, 1927

  1. Portland’s water system is pretty amazing. Would love to see a present day picture of this campsite.

  2. Look at all that beautiful old growth just waiting for Frank Ivancie to hack them down, and muddy the waters, so to speak.

  3. Even though this over two years before the Great Depression I am surprised by the number of cars in the camp. Usually when you see pictures of work camps there are very few or no cars.

  4. Judging from the sign in the right foreground, I get the idea that this was to document parking violations. 🙂

  5. dont forget that we love you, kami-chan. and we always will :)good luck. and thank for many things you shared with us.i’ll still come here to make sure that you’ll write sth about yanyan jump or shokura or new PV or quso–ccuntkiales or whatever.and the last… i’ll miss your WHAT’S ですよ!! XD

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