SE Harrison Street, 1941

The closure of SE Harrison Street near SE Union Avenue (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard), 1941.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2000-025.1655.


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10 thoughts on “SE Harrison Street, 1941

  1. Yeah, and that’s the same brand new 1941 Plymouth coupe in both pictures at the ‘now famous’ Johnston Propeller works.

  2. That is what is called a bottle truck. It is distributing welding gasses in this case. Oxygen, acetylene and possibly by this date argon. In 1941 hospitals were still using oxygen from bottles as opposed to bulk liquid tank deliveries today.There may also have been a few customers for nitrogen or hydrogen gas in this area at that time but that is uncertain. CO2 for soda pop fizz was also handled in these bottles, but not on this guy’s route. Dry ice is a byproduct of CO2 manufacture.
    I can tell you that manhandling those bottles off and on that truck from street level was no fun for sure. Surprisingly industrial gasses are still being handled in these same style bottles yet today.
    By 1941 Linde Air Products had the only air reduction plant in the area but there may have been two carbide plants in operation. That carbide plant out at the end of Front Ave near NW Kitterage was supplying acetylene for sure. With ESCO and the shipyards going full blast the demand for industrial gasses locally would skyrocket.

  3. Looks like the orange OMSI chimney existed in the older picture. Believe it was part of the Station L power plant.

  4. Note the jumble of heavy overhead power conductors heading toward the powerplant too..
    Btw, Gas bottles will be with us for a long time to come.. And hats off to their delivery guy who can spin walk two of them smartly along a sidewalk or loading dock !

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