N Greeley Avenue, 1970

Aerial of N Greeley Avenue and Overlook Park looking south, 1970.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, Aerial of N Greeley Avenue and Overlook Park looking south, A2012-005, 1970.


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13 thoughts on “N Greeley Avenue, 1970

  1. Ahhhh nostalia creeping in. Pre Kaiser and the old Finnish Hall in the original location. The model railroad house. My old wading pool. Pre homeless camps on the bluff. And look at that light traffic.

  2. Great picture. Probably a ‘before’ picture of the forthcoming Fremont bridge. At this point, early construction of piers along bridge route probably underway. Rose City/Prescott freeway already canceled?

  3. The photo is dated 2/9/1970. Bare trees corroborate the season and the almanac says it was a bluebird winter day, but that time of year would have a very small window of daylight to take this photo.

    From that Monday to this one, midday traffic is probably the least remarkable difference.

  4. I-5?–us locals called it the Minnesota freeway as it “took out” Minnesota avenue.
    The motel in the center along Interstate was Cummings Motel.

    Great memories. Lived in Overlook for 38 years…

  5. “Yes, once upon a time, traffic flowed freely on I-5.” And I-80 also. In 1974-75 I would get on I-80 at the 39th st on ramp and get off at the Columbia Blvd exit on I-5 about 5 to 7 mins later at 3:30-3:45 in the afternoon. Today, I doubt you could do that even at 3am.

  6. My wedding reception was held in the Finnish Hall. Lovely old building. I’m so glad it was moved and not demolished.

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