9 thoughts on “NW Hermosa Street, 1939

  1. OSHA would have a field day with this project! These precious pictures keep me in mind of the hard work our forefathers endured, and adaptive solutions they used, to create the wonderful surroundings we take for granted today.

  2. Omigosh! Look at all that rough-cut 6/4 and 8/4 and 10/4 etc straight -grain clear lumber! What I would give get my hands on some of that today!

  3. I wonder if the windlasses may have been also used to get the drain pipe up the hill and position them properly in the trench, which appears to be just out of sight at the top of the scaffolding. Drain pipes were made of fired clay in those days and were very heavy in the larger sizes and would be difficult to man-handle up that hill without some type of mechanical advantage.

    Both sides of Burnside from Hermosa down to 23rd seem to be very unstable, with severe slides almost every year. I wonder if that part of Burnside was carved out hydraulically like many of the terraced lots in NW Portland? After many years, it still hasn’t found its angle of repose at the expense of many back yards that face Burnside or Tichner.

  4. The project you are thinking of Ron was called Westover Terraces. They hydro-sluiced about 3 million cubic yards of dirt to create level lots. It was a bit north of Hermosa

  5. Beautiful photo of St Johns Bridge. I recently signed up and now find that my password doesn’t work and my email add is not recognized.

    PS: In 1955 or 56 we were riding in our ski boat, a 13’Wizard with 30hp Evinrude, near the SJ Bridge. We swamped, river was at flood stage, the girl I was with couldn’t swim, our life jackets were in the boat, which sank though the gas tank was still attached and was floating, like a buoy. Long story short, I’d been takng life saving at Portland State, so was able to cross-chest her to some tree branches that were near the middle of the river, and grabbed them. We hung on, then the 34’ Chris Craft on whose wake we’d caught a chine, came back and got us. We pulled the Wizard up by the gas line, righted it and bailed. Took out the spark plug (maybe 2) and put it into a pan on the stove til it was dry. We reinstalled the plug, pulled the cord a couple time and it started right up. Then Rich & I drove the boat back to Staff Jennings, where we kept it, while the Chrissy brought the girls and met us there. We were all safe. Next day at work (Meier & Frank, sporting goods), talk was all over the store of our “heroic” adventure. The late Dick Frank was our boss, a really great guy.

    Best wishes,

    Phil Broms

    HNL 9621

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