12 thoughts on “SE 92nd Avenue, 1958

  1. I grew up near Bell Rose on the Springwater. I used to walk these tracks often. I don’t know how often freight, or lumber or raw logs were transported down them. I remember occasionally seeing a car or two with raw logs on it. But I do remember the log trucks rolling down Foster Rd bound for Dwyer’s Plywood Mill (just out of view to the right).
    Anybody remember the omnipresent orange and black signs saying: “Fix Johnson Creek”?

  2. Offhand, But without researching a map, I think its looking to south. Were it to north, One might expect to see 82ave ten blocks over.

  3. Merlin and KK, yes, it’s looking south down 92nd. I was born a few years after this photo was taken. I don’t recall when they rerouted Mt. Scott Blvd to meet Flavel, but interesting to see that you had to jog over a half a block or so to continue up to Mt. Scott.

    I’m still waiting to see any aerial photos of the area between 82nd and 92nd, and Holgate and Powell, to see what it looked like before Marshall HS and Eastport Plaza were built. My parents say that except for homes on Holgate and Cora, there was nothing but fields around there in the 1950’s.

  4. Sadly, that older farmhouse off of 92nd near the center of the short side of the triangle formed by 92nd, Flavel, and the Springwater corridor didn’t survive. In fact the entire triangle now seems to be an industrial park.

  5. Looking north, the houses are to the west. Summerfield waiting shelter was on the left at Flavel (MP 9.28) and Watson shelter was on the right at 92nd (MP 9.71).

  6. My guess I-205 construction had a bit to do with the following: disconnecting all but a stub of Mt Scott Blvd from 92nd, having Flavel go across 92nd and connect to Mt Scott Blvd, and rerouting Johnson Creek a bit so it went north-south and east-west rather than diagonal.

  7. Hey Merlin and KK, sorry to misinform you. I also stand corrected. I see what threw me off. I saw the Springwater trail, and confused it with the current 92nd ave. multi use path crossing south of Flavel near the 1-205 overpass. I barely can make out the fields where Marshall and Eastport was built. So that’s good.

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