5 thoughts on “N Willamette Boulevard, 1938

  1. We have previously seen several posts related to this project. In fact we have seen these piles being driven. From Jan 2016, for instance.

    Interesting selection of impromptu surveying instruments here. The gentleman sighting is using a carpenters square and a string line in lieu of a transit.Perhaps a civil engineer or surveyor could tell us more about what he might be trying to accomplish.

    For the curious that tool leaning against the stack of lumber is a peavey. Still manufactured today for use in logging/lumbering it consists of a long handle with a spike at the end and a sharp cant hook. It is used as a lever to roll round logs or poles.

  2. If they were doing this job today using the same methods and tools, it would be considered “Artisinally Made”. All that’s missing are the lumberjack beards.. 😉

  3. If you notice the battered ends of piles strewn about.
    I say the stringline is simply verifying the piles are cut off more or less even.
    Not sure about the framing square. Its hard to tell if the string is laying in the “V” or just passing by.
    They would used a one or two man crosscut saw.

  4. The gent has “parked” the nose of his square into the log to keep it both handy and from sliding down the hill. I recall well the chewing-out I received by the lead carpenter when I did this trick. Never again.

  5. Thanks Bob. I kinda wondered if that is what was going on. KK points out it’s hard to tell what the placement of that square is. The two dimensional camera plays tricks on the eye.

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