8 thoughts on “SE Nehalem Street, 1941

  1. Wow, that turned out pretty nice. They even built a segregated pedestrian/bike lane. The dog approves!

  2. Interesting that what looks like the nicest house in the neighborhood was torn down for an apartment building.

  3. Very cool photo. I agree it’s too bad a house like that had to come down. I lived in those apartments that followed this house for 12 years and grew up a few blocks down in Westmoreland.

  4. Sadly, they’re still tearing down nice old house in SE to build not so nice apartment buildings. Seventy years from now they’ll be commenting how that’s too bad.

  5. Yes, that is a sad trend over in Sellwood and Westmoreland now. Pretty much ruined a terrific neighborhood in which I still live.

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