8 thoughts on “Parking Patrol, 1962

  1. Imagine your a working women doing your beat, walking the downtown streets, in those pleasant mid rise heels and pleasing to the eye uniforms and perky little top hat, especially in the winter.

  2. When I, as a young 22 year old, moved to Oregon from Idaho in August, 1973 I had a very pleasant experience with a “meter maid.” I ventured to downtown Portland for the first time and became hopelessly turned around (read: lost). I approached a lady dressed in a pink outfit/hat and asked for directions. She was incredible! Very friendly and eased my distress. I know that the whole issue of the sexist portrayal of the role of the meter maids was real. And I now see it as wrong. But……to a kid from the sticks (literally) I appreciated the good will ambassadors that roamed the streets of downtown. On another note: I was fascinated by all the bubbler fountains.

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