17 thoughts on “Willamette River, 1915

  1. Love these old photos of the river. Portland has done a nice job of cleaning up the riverbank and making it more usable for the public and recreation.
    With Zidell’s property being developed as a mixed use area with docks and a place for people to swim safely, things are only getting better.
    Honorable mention for ” The Eastbank Crescent” which may include access to the river for lite watercraft and swimmers.

  2. Hard to believe our bridges are that old. They get so much use everyday. Something to be proud of from our forefathers of antiquity.

  3. I often expand the photo to see fine details I may otherwise miss.
    I note the Broadway Bridge trusses visable on the far left hand side of the photo helps show how far the river bends westerly through the Portland Harbor.

  4. Looking at a map if you draw a straight line form the Hawthorne to the area just east of the Broadway bridge it lines up with the Interstate bridge. But one would have to climb up the Hawthorne bridge to see if t\Interstate bridge is visible.

  5. Could be the Piedmont Water tower. It was at the corner of N Williams and Portland Blvd. Burned in 1917.

  6. At the distances being discussed it is difficult to imagine any manmade structure large enough to account for that much prominence over the horizon. It is hard to look past it being a cloud or flaw in the negative.

    Personally, I’m interested in the building that appears above the eastern trusses of what must be the old Burnside Bridge.

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