20 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. Bob, that’s a great suggestion. Arista and the trolley trail match up well. As does the contour of the road.

  2. Looked around Oregonian in 1946 for Texaco Stations locations. Couldn’t find anything that matches.

  3. McLoughlin Blvd at Jennings Ave looking north. The tracks are now the trolley trail and “Super Highway”, the first four lane in Oregon, has a bit more traffic now. This is the car line I rode to Oregon City in slower days.

  4. If you look at Google Maps you can see where Abernethy Ln follows the trolley tracks and intersects with SE McLoughlin Blvd and SE Jennings Ave.

  5. Lance nailed it. Just south of Roake’s and Joe McGee’s Truck Stop behind on US 99E Roake’s still in buisness but Joe”s shop building has been re-purposed and Buster’s Is now between them. Looks like a ’30s model Fageol truck pulling an insulated tank trailer north bound passing that neat wig-wag signal. The signal might be described as upside down because it waves from the top of the pole instead of being suspended from the mechanism. A design popular with trolley lines. Neat old photo, lots of atmosphere. Rode this line regularly in the time of this photo to Oregon City to visit my great aunt Sylvie with my Grand Mother. She had another sister who lived on the Bellrose (Springwater now) line. Loved those old trolleys. The thumpa thumpa thumpa of the air compressors, the clanging bell and the swaying at speed. Great times. I seem to recall that shack in the distance housed a trolley company phone for the motorman but maybe not. Might be a passenger shelter. Anyone remember.

  6. I am part of the Oak Lodge History Detectives- and live 3 blocks from this intersection.
    We are working with ‘old timers’ to gather soon to be lost past details like this reference of – Joe McGee’s Truck Stop
    We work with anyone who is willing to share ‘memories’ details.
    How can we reach out to Rod Taylor and Lance – and others to see if they would like to share details before more is lost?

  7. It does look like the tracks that crossed SE McLoughlin at SE Jennings Ave. I remember as a kid in the 60s hearing the train going through Gladstone in the middle of the night going to and from the paper mill in Oregon City.

  8. So many trees along McLoughlin Blvd. in this shot! Quite a difference today replaced by strip malls and lots of paved parking.

    Roakes today is where the Texaco station is. Could it be part of the original gas station bldg?

    The wide angle the tracks cross the highway must have been a safety nightmare. As a great bike & pedestrian trail today, the crossing has been “squared-up”, requiring crossing a block away at SE Jennings avenue.

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