Help Us Out!

This photo comes Vintage Portland followers, Nick Weston and Jillian Andreason. The women in the image is Doris Patton and the photograph comes from her wedding album. Can anyone tell us where she is standing in this image from 1947?

Photo from Jillian Andreason.

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  1. Jim — my finger slipped on the thumbs icons. I meant to make it an UP thumb, not a DOWN one. I can’t figure out how to fix that.

  2. I looked in the city directory, that’s American Engravers at 1111 SW 5th… and the hotel is the fifth avenue hotel at 1021 SW 5th.

  3. That’s the Public Service Building in the background which is on the corner of SW Salmon between 5th and 6th. From the angle I’d say the photographer was standing on 5th and Main, in front of the courthouse where they got married. Somewhere near here:

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