Harbor Wall, 1970

Fleet Week ships docked along the harbor wall, 1970. The Rose Festival carnival is visible in the background. SW Harbor Drive used to dominate the area where Waterfront Park is today.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, Fleet week ships at the Rose Festival, A2012-005, 1970.


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7 thoughts on “Harbor Wall, 1970

  1. Buildings to the north of the Ferris wheel are still there. You can see the building with the 5 chimneys located on SW Yamhill between Naito Pkwy and 1st Ave. The hotel is now called Hotel Rose.

  2. All of the buildings in the foreground, with the exception of the John Yeon designed Rose Festival Headquarters (Portland Visitor’s Information Center), were lost to the four block World Trade Center complex.

    The building with the five chimneys mentioned by rumblefish is the extant Van Rensselaer Building. The ground floor housed a gay bar called the Harbor Club which was so well known during its heyday, the U.S. military designated it the only bar in Portland that was strictly off-limits to military personnel. It was closed in 1965.

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