SW 5th Avenue, circa 1969

Van Duyn Chocolates on the corner of SW 5th Avenue and SW Yamhill Street, circa 1969.


City of Portland (OR)  Archives, Van Duyn Chocolates, A2001-028, circa 1969.


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8 thoughts on “SW 5th Avenue, circa 1969

  1. Does anyone know if these buildings were torn down specifically for Pioneer Place or if the block transitioned through the usual surface parking lot first?

  2. Neat picture with all the different cars in it. Back in the day when you could tell one car from another. Especially the Studebaker Lark.

  3. Wonder if that’s the branch of Gatenbeins that were affiliated with Henry Pittock way back when. I remember when the Van Duyn factory on Broadway burned It was generally thought to be an inside arson job. I think The Oregonian did a write up on it. Don’t know if it was ever resolved our not.

  4. As retail sales in malls continues to decline in favor of online shopping it will probably be only a matter of time before Pioneer Place shares the same fate as these buildings did.

  5. A little late in response; the Goodnough Building was once home to The Oregon Journal…it was saif The Journal was always located on Yamhill–first here; then the Tower they built on Broadway; then finally on Front Avenue..well not finally…1310 Broadway…thank you Samuel Newhouse.

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